Geomob Podcast - 154. Tobis Jordans: Using OpenStreetMap for parking analysis

For our english speaking audience: I recently joined Ed Freyfogle on the Geomob Podcast to talk about our project. It’s a quick 30 min summary of what we are doing and why.

On this week’s episode Ed chats with Tobias Jordans about a parking data project in Berlin. It’s something you may not have thought about, but the data about parking spaces and their use can have a big impact on urban dynamics. Tobias explains how city planners, NGOs, and politicians pushing for positive changes can all benefit from accurate parking data. Using OpenStreetMap, Tobias and his colleagues are making it easier to record, retrieve, and update information about parking spaces in Berlin. Listen in to find out about the challenges, learnings, and how you can bring this project to your city.